Vince Carter: You Can't Compare Eras; Game Has Changed Too MuchThe Bulls/Warriors debate is fun but ultimately fruitless
Valentine: If You Don't Use The Right Emoji, Players Think You Hate ThemBobby Valentine believes that managing in the majors has never been more difficult
Lappas: Louisville Should Be "Ecstatic" With Punishment; Pitino's Response "Ridiculous"Steve Lappas felt Rick Pitino's response to Louisville's punishment was tone-deaf and delusional
Mancini: I Can't Take Mayweather/McGregor Fight Seriously; It Only Hurts BoxingRay Mancini expects Floyd Mayweather to completely dominate Conor McGregor on Aug. 26
Espinoza: There Will Be "Stiff Penalty" If McGregor Reverts to MMAStephen Espinoza said Floyd Mayweather could "get his arm broken real quick" if Conor McGregor flipped the MMA switch
Reiter: Despite The Odds, I'm Not Doubting McGregorConor McGregor is a longshot against Floyd Mayweather, but Bill Reiter has hope
Thornwell: I Definitely Speed Through Yellow LightsSome people slow down when they see a yellow light, while others speed up. NBA Draft prospect Sindarius Thornwell speeds up
Jackson: Cavs Should Keep Kevin Love, Trade Tristan ThompsonThe Cavs need to upgrade their roster this offseason, which could mean trading Tristan Thompson
John Salley: LeBron Is No. 2 Behind Magic, Not MichaelJohn Salley won an NBA title with Michael Jordan, but he gives Magic and LeBron the nod in the GOAT discussion
Ostertag: People Pay To See Draymond Green Act Like An IdiotThink the Warriors are bad for the NBA? Greg Ostertag does not – especially with personalities like Draymond Green
Edwards: America In Denial About Racism, Doesn't Want To Face ItDr. Harry Edwards discussed Colin Kaepernick's unemployment and America's reaction to it
Ezeli: Wrong Time For Portland Pep Talk; Happy To See Warriors WinningFestus Ezeli hit numerous topics, including his pep talk gone wrong, the NBA Finals, and cadaver surgery
Cavs Analyst: We Have A Lot Of One-Dimensional Players; Warriors Do NotOutside of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, the Cavs lack offensive versatility
Dwane Casey: Raptors Need A Bazooka To Overtake LeBron In EastLeBron James has played in seven straight NBA Finals
Armstrong: Jordan's Bulls Couldn't Play In This EraB.J. Armstrong won three NBA titles with Michael Jordan, but he sees those Bulls teams having their hands full with Golden State
Ehlo: Golden State Hate Unwarranted; Warriors One Of Best Teams EverCraig Ehlo has no beef with Kevin Durant joining the Warriors. "That's free agency," he said
Kareem: LeBron Incident Indicates People Want To "Push The Clock Back"The Hall of Famer discussed the LeBron James incident, as well as his own activism over the last half century
Cooper: People Are "Crazy And Out Of Their Mind" To Discredit Durant, WarriorsMichael Cooper doesn't think people should hate Kevin Durant for trying to win
McKillop: Steph Curry "Absolutely" Helps Davidson In RecruitingSteph Curry led Davidson to the Elite Eight nine years ago; the program is still benefitting
Plinko Winner Ryan Belz: "You Know Where I'll Be In 10 Years"Ryan Belz discussed his $31,500 Plinko payday on The Price is Right
Cavs Analyst: Kevin Love Is The Key To Cleveland's Title HopesEven if LeBron and Kyrie are spectacular, Kevin Love could decide the NBA Finals
Marlon Wayans: I'm Going To Date Rihanna When She's 65For Marlon Wayans, it's all about the long game
Former NBA Player: LaVar Ball Taking Pressure Off Of LonzoPerhaps there's a method to LaVar Ball's madness
Mark Price: My Era Wasn't Better Than Today's; "The Rules Were Just Different"Former All-NBA point guard Mark Price compared and contrasted his era with today's
Kanter: I Love Being In America, Am Grateful For SupportEnes Kanter has received overwhelming support since returning to the United States
Mark Herzlich: "I Don't Know What Sheldon Richardson Is Talking About"Sheldon Richardson may have a problem with Brandon Marshall, but Mark Herzlich does not
Jerry Colangelo: 76ers "Have Come A Long Way," Are Positioned "Pretty Well"The 76ers went from 10 wins last season to 28 this season
Latvian Rapper: Porzingis May Have Been Drinking When He Tweeted About ClippersEdzus Kaukulis speculated that Kristaps Porzingis may have been drinking when he tweeted about the Clippers
Barkley: James Harden Has A "Mental Block" In Big GamesCharles Barkley weighed in on James Harden, LeBron James, and several other topics
NBA Analyst: Celtics Better Without Isaiah Thomas? "Put Down The Gin"Isaiah Thomas averaged 28.9 points per game and led Boston to the No. 1 seed in the East this season

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