Gio and Jones

Gio and Jones

Former NFL linebacker and current CBS Sports Network college football analyst, Brian Jones and radio personality, Gregg Giannotti take on the morning and the latest sports news with their effervescent style
  • Monday, October 5th
  • Show Open

    Cowboys lose in OT and the NFC East is wide open
  • Fire Alarm Issues

    So what do we do in case of emergency?
  • CBS Security Guard with a Fire Alarm Update

    Is the crew safe? What did that announcement say?
  • Pathetic Texas football and College Football wrap up

    Super Callers Tradis and Joel with special messages for Brian about Texas
  • Mike Carey Former NFL Official and Current Officiating expert for CBS

    What really happened between Cam Newton and Ed Hochuli?
  • Friday, October 2nd

    Will Gio finally have a better week than Brian?

    What makes Tom Brady a dork and the toughest guy in the NFL according to Bart
  • Show Open

    Snoop Dogg is not pleased with the Steelers Kicker
  • Update Anchor Chris Lopresti Live From London

    With Bogusch out we go to London for a sports update where Chris Lopresti stands by covering the Jets
  • Grandpa Chuck Pagano

    Brian does his best Pagano impression and will Andrew Luck play Sunday?
  • Thursday, October 1st
  • Show Open

    Blue Jays and Cards clinch plus Brian is in a bad mood
  • Brian vs Mikey B

    Brian and Mikey B fight about some stupid Blue Jays stat
  • 2015 NFL Head Coach Hunger Games

    Which NFL Coach survives?
  • Charlie Batch former Steelers Quarterback

    What version of Mike Vick will we see tonight against the Ravens?
  • Phillip Fulmer Former Tennessee Football Head Coach

    Did Coach Fulmer think Peyton Manning would be this good?
  • Update Anchor on Anchor Crime

    Eye on College Football star host Rich Ackerman defends himself against claims he steals computer paper
  • Wednesday, September 30th
  • Ron Darling MLB on TBS analyst

    Who is the most complete team in the National League?
  • Rick Neuheisel studio analyst for CBS Sports’ COLLEGE FOOTBALL TODAY

    The importance of having a strong Miami program for College Football
  • Slow talking Larry Brown

    SMU is in trouble and Larry Brown talks really slow
  • Show Open

    Gio's Gout is gone and Derrick Rose is out again
  • TMZ trustworthy?

    Do you trust TMZ as a credible news source?
  • Tuesday, September 29th
  • Show Open

    Gio can't walk and the Packers crush the Chiefs
  • Red dishes the dirt

    Bogusch is out again and it is time for some work rumors
  • Players who would choke each other and are Cards fans really that great?

    Gio explains his hatred for the Cardinals
  • Marshall Faulk NFL Hall Of Fame Running Back

    Does Marshall Faulk get legitimately annoyed by Michael Irvin on the set of NFL GameDay Morning?
  • Former Minnesota Vikings Mascot, "Ragnar"

    Did Ragnar really ask the Vikings to be paid $20,000 a game?
  • Monday, September 28th
  • Show Open

    Can the Steelers survive without Big Ben?
  • Gio, Gout and College Football

    Gio can't walk and we recap the weekend in College Football
  • How bout them cowboys!?!?!

    Should we now be concerned with the Cowboys Defense?
  • Lopresti earns the Gottlieb award

    What bad joke was told today?
  • Miko and the Gio and Jones Picks

    One NFL players wife gets arrested and we recap the guys picks
  • Friday, September 25th
  • Show Open

    Can the Giants win the NFC East?
  • Bart Scott Analyst for "The NFL Today" on CBS

    Did the Browns make the right choice going with Josh McCown?
  • Gio And Jones NFL and College Picks

    Week #3...Can Brian continue to dominate over Gio?
  • Danny White Former Cowboys QB

    Can the Cowboys survive with Brandon Weeden?
  • Helmut VonLichten Creator of the CBS Thursday Night Football Theme Song

    Will Helmut compose the theme song for Super Bowl 50?
  • Thursday, September 24th
  • Show Open

    Kam Chancellor is back and we preview Redskins vs Giants
  • Mikey B calls Germany looking for Helmut!

    Listen in on Mikey B behind the scenes attempting to get the composer of the Thursday Night Football Theme song on the show
  • Mikey B's Jolly Rancher mission and LSU-CUSE fans

    Can Mikey B find any Jolly Ranchers? And what it will sound like when LSU and Syracuse fans collide
  • London Fletcher CBS Sports Network’s THAT OTHER PREGAME SHOW

    "Catching a Brandon Weeden interception is like playing catch with my kid in the backyard"
  • Goats for dinner and Petey B gets the Gottlieb award

    What corny joke did Petey B make to earn the Gottlieb award?
  • Wednesday, September 23rd
  • Show Open

    More trouble in Big D and we remember Yogi Berra
  • Start, Marry or Punch

    3 QB's in the NFL: Start, Marry your Daughter or Punch...You decide
  • Keith Bulluck 3-time all-pro and NFL analyst

    Can the Rams get over the hump?
  • Prank Callers Hijack John Tortorella Press Conference

    Coach, What is your favorite Dolphin Movie?
  • Brian Jones wins the first ever Doug Gottlieb Award

    What line earned BJ the Gottlieb award?
  • The Brian Jones Laugh Track to Family Feud

    What’s The Last Thing You Stuck Your Finger In?
  • Tuesday, September 22nd
  • Show Open

    Does Andrew Luck get a free pass from the media?
  • The end of the Vikings Mascot

    The Vikings mascot wants to get paid and it might be time to retire the sounder for Gio
  • Aaron Taylor CBS Sports Network's College Football Analyst

    Is Alabama football on the decline?
  • Pierre Garcon Washington Redskins Wide Receiver

    Is it true that RGIII and Kirk Cousins don't speak to each other?
  • Gio vs Caller James: The Ragnar Vikings debate

    Would you pay the Vikings mascot $20,000 a game?
  • Monday, September 21st
  • Show Open

    The Cowboys lose Tony Romo and the Eagles offense stinks
  • Seahawks fall to 0-2

    Should there be serious concern in Seattle?
  • College Football Saturday Recap

    Kliff Kingsbury comes out swinging, OSU QB Issues and Bama goes down to Ole Miss
  • Jay Cutler stinks and we go around the NFL

    The last positive Jay Cutler story was when?
  • Hollis 'Tank' Thomas Former Eagles Defensive Tackle and current host for WIP in Philadelphia

    Why has it gone so wrong in Philly and where are the best strip clubs in the country
  • Friday, September 18th
  • Show Open

    A crushing loss for the Chiefs
  • Bart Scott NFL Analyst for, "The NFL Today"

    Which current NFL Coach would Bart Scott not want to play for today?
  • The real Tradis

    When sweet little Tradis stops singing, what really happens?