Gio and Jones

Gio and Jones

Former NFL linebacker and current CBS Sports Network college football analyst, Brian Jones and radio personality, Gregg Giannotti take on the morning and the latest sports news with their effervescent style
  • Monday, July 27th
  • Show Open

    Can the Royals win the 2015 World Series?
  • Who ya gonna call???

    Do you believe in ghost?
  • Bold claims from NFL training camp

    Can AP run for 2,500 yards this year?
  • Phil Simms CBS NFL analyst and Super Bowl Champion QB

    Should Russell Wilson be one of the highest paid QB's in the NFL?
  • Friday, July 24th
  • Show Open

    We set the tone for a bad music Friday and when will we hear the Brady decision
  • Bogusch's big night out and the podcast takes a weird turn

    The heads of CBS radio want to hear the podcast....but why?
  • Arson Family Love Affair

    Woman solves arson on live TV...the motive might scare you
  • Eddie George Ohio State Football Legend

    Who Will start at QB for the Buckeyes?
  • The Boss In Studio for Podcast Information

    Will the Petey B, Mikey B, Bogusch podcast happen?
  • Thursday, July 23rd
  • Show Open

    We play the song FUN and LeBron in the movies
  • Podcast Update

    Mikey B, Petey B and Bogusch might be paid for the new podcast?
  • Worst Sports Moments Ever

    What sports moment pains you the most?
  • Robot Umpires

    Robot's calling balls and strikes a good idea?
  • Pete Prisco NFL Senior Columnist for

    Is Russell Wilson overrated?
  • Wednesday, July 22nd
  • Show Open

    Shout out from the Knicks rookie and should Becky Hammon be an NBA Head Coach?
  • Jimbo Fisher Play-By-Play

    How bad is the FSU Head Coach at play-by-play?
  • Every Kid Gets A Trophy!

    Are we pampering kids too much?
  • Charles Davis NFL analyst for Fox and the NFL Network

    Could the Jets win the AFC East?
  • Bobby Marks Former NBA Executive

    Will Becky Hammon get an NBA Head Coaching job?
  • Tuesday, July 21st
  • Show Open

    Once the stars are gone, do you care about golf?
  • Live From Mikey B's New Home

    A resident from Mikey B's new apartment complex joins the show...sounds like a "great" place
  • Podcast Approved!

    Time to go deep inside Mike and Pete!
  • Kyle Porter Golf Writer for CBS

    Did Zach Johnson winning hurt yesterday's storyline?
  • Crazy Gamers Play-By-Play

    Are video games now sports?
  • Monday, July 20th
  • Show Open

    Who should Co-Host with Gregg while Brian is gone and can Spieth get it done?
  • Podcast problems

    Can the Mikey B, Petey B and Bogusch podcast actually make it?
  • Co-Host Ideas and the Gronk's on the Feud

    Who should fill in while Brian is gone? And the Gronkowski's on Family Feud
  • Scott Verplank PGA Tour player

    The Pro Golfer talks about noticing Jordan Spieth's potential years ago
  • Friday, July 17th
  • Show Open

    Tiger Woods stinks and the young cats keep getting better
  • No Gio No Jones

    Are you ready for the Mikey B, Petey B and Andrew Bogusch Podcast?
  • Rap Trivia with Porzingis!

    Can Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis recognize American rap?
  • Adam Zucker Host of College Football Today on CBS

    Biggest man crush from SEC media day?
  • The Nasty Sounds Of Marcus Smart

    We were lucky enough to have Marcus Smart "Loudly" dislocate two fingers in Vegas! The guys didn't let the opportunity go by
  • Gio and Jones Helicopter flight To The Hamptons

    How much would it cost the crew to charter a private helicopter?
  • Thursday, July 16th
  • Show Open

    Dez got his money and some booty chatter
  • Gio and Jones Staff Problems

    Mikey B is homeless and Petey B is one big mystery
  • Erotic Bret Bielema and Angry Brian Jones

    The Arkansas Football Coach expresses his love for beating Texas and Brian gets angry at Nick Saban
  • Albert Breer of the NFL Network

    Can the Cowboys make a title run in 2015?
  • The Bad Wedding Videographer

    Gio reflects on his wedding video
  • Wednesday, July 15th
  • Kevin Burkhardt Broadcaster on FOX

    Does Pete Rose care if he makes the Hall Of Fame?
  • TV advice from Brian

    Gio needs guidance...can Brian help?
  • Longhorns Rap Gone bad

    Texas WR Daje Johnson Drops Rap Single “Dealer”
  • Clarence Hill Cowboys reporter for the Star Telegram

    Will Dez Bryant really sit out games?
  • Tuesday, July 14th
  • Show Open

    Dez Bryant and his babies
  • Chlorophyll more like Borophyll

    The awful night from Donovan McNabb
  • Oompa Loompa

    The mean tweets read at Chris Berman
  • Rob Neyer Senior Editor For

    Did the Home Run Derby get better with a running clock?
  • Dead or on the Reds

    Somebody in the Reds minor league system or dead? Can you pick right?
  • Monday, July 13th
  • Show Open

    Home Run Derby picks and some bad fried chicken
  • Best and Worst NFL Fans

    Guess who has the best fan base in the NFL?
  • Raise the "Bleeping" Jolly Roger

    The Pirates keep winning and their play-by-play guy is pretty excited about it
  • Steer Pizzle

    Gio explains his dogs favorite lunch snack
  • Jason La Canfora CBS NFL Insider

    Will Tom Brady's suspension be cut in half?
  • Friday, July 10th
  • Show Open

    Where are all the soccer players?
  • What's Up Red?

    Bogusch is out! Erica is in
  • Are We Popular?

    Gio and Jones debate if they are popular or not?
  • Rip His Head Off!

    Conor Mcgregor gets an odd request
  • CBS Guitar Solo

    So what exactly does that CBS update music sound like?
  • Thursday, July 9th
  • Emoji Battles

    A special Emoji's tweet from the show
  • Kevin Millar Co-Host Of Intentional Talk On MLB Network

    Should A-Rod be an All-Star?