Gio and Jones

Gio and Jones

Former NFL linebacker and current CBS Sports Network college football analyst, Brian Jones and radio personality, Gregg Giannotti take on the morning and the latest sports news with their effervescent style
  • Friday, April 17th
  • "I'm inside a plane...I feel like it is moving in the air"

    It is not a good day when you get stuck in the cargo section of the airplane
  • Chris Mannix Senior Writer, SI. NBA Insider for NBCSN and Ringside reporter for NBC

    Can the Hawks win it all?
  • Sports Reporter Britt McHenry gets busted

    Gio reacts to the video that surfaced showing sports reporter Britt McHenry going off
  • Caller On Caller Crime

    Matt from Florida with a message for helicopter Jake
  • Show Open

    Is the Cavs season a failure if they don't reach the NBA finals?
  • Thursday, April 16th
  • What is the correct way to pronounce Whataburger?

    Gio and Jones debate the proper way to say the name of the famous burger joint in Texas
  • Brian attacks Bogusch....with baseballs

    Andrew Bogusch tries his best to give America a sports update while being pelted by baseballs
  • Are you hyped to watch Mayweather vs Pacquiao?

    Is there any sizzle leading up to the May 2nd fight?
  • Show Open

    The NBA playoff matchups are set...who is coming out of the East and West?
  • Wednesday, April 15th
  • Bogusch fights back

    The Brian Jones vs Andrew Bogusch war takes a new turn
  • Jeremy Roenick, NHL analyst for NBC Sports

    Who has the inside track to win the Stanley Cup?
  • The Coffee Cream attack on Bogusch

    Don't get on Brian Jones bad side or all hell breaks loose
  • Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson, former NFL linebacker and recovering addict

    What will it take for Josh Hamilton to beat his addictions?
  • Show Open

    The Pacers are one step closer to the playoffs, plus Gio and Mikey B recap a night at the ballpark
  • Tuesday, April 14th
  • Petey B and his pretty eyes

    Who has the most beautiful eyes on the show? Petey B of course
  • Brian Teaches Randy Moss to behave

    Brian recaps his dinner years ago with Randy Moss and what should Marcus Mariota eat in front of draft scouts?
  • Charles Davis NFL Network and Fox Sports

    Could Todd Gurley jump into the top 10?
  • Meat coming our way

    Will Bill from LA deliver on his promise to send the crew steaks on dry ice?
  • Show Open

    Better chance to knock of the Warriors, Thunder or Pelicans?
  • Monday, April 13th
  • Jordan Spieth dominates the Masters

    Gio and Jones end the show by talking about the historic performance from Jordan Spieth at the Masters