Virginia Tech head coach

“I think Trice is playing out of his mind. I think Branden Dawson is playing like a senior (who doesn’t want his career to end). You kind of get that vibe from watching them play, so I think it’s a combination of both.”
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DAN BONNER – 3/23/15
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“Jakob Poeltl is a really good player, and I think that he is going to develop into maybe a great player. But he’s going up against a great player (in Jahlil Okafor). Duke will put Okafor out there on the court and they’ll surround him with those four guys who can shoot threes. I’m not sure Utah has enough for them.”
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Utah head coach

“So it’s a little harder to stay up late on the East Coast for a lot of folks because we’re playing a three-hour difference. But this is the time of year that when we get an opportunity to maybe prove to some people that it’s good basketball.”
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Duke legend and two-time NBA champion

“Judging by my tenth-place finish in my own bracket – out of 12 teams – (some would) called me an expert. My wife is kicking my butt right now in my own pool. (But) I just think that to beat Kentucky, you can’t play in a conventional manner. You can’t just line them up and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to throw it in the post, and we’re going to overpower you.’ Kentucky is too god. They’re the best team. No question, they are the best team. But West Virginia is the most unconventional team in the country.”
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JOSH MCCOWN – 3/25/15
Cleveland Browns QB

“Right now the focus for him is just to get healthy. I believe the team is taking a perfect stance with that, just allowing him to do that – because that’s above and beyond what it’s got to be about right now. Then we’ll move into football. I’m looking forward to all the relationships that are going to come with joining a new team, and Johnny is certainly one of them.”
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Wake Forest head coach

“Duke is shooting the ball well. Those freshmen are really good. But to me, the key has been Quinn Cook. Quinn Cook has been a solid piece for them. He’s shooting the ball exceptionally well. He’s making good decisions, and he’s being a great leader his senior year.”
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Marquette head coach

“It’s hard to pick against Kentucky. I don’t care who they’re playing. I know a lot has been made about (West Virginia guard) Daxter Miles and what he said (about beating Kentucky). They would have beaten West Virginia without that – although I do believe you want to let sleeping dogs lie.”
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