STEVE LAPPAS – 3/16/15
CBS Sports Network college basketball analyst

“When we say they’re a great team and they may go undefeated, they’re not nearly as good as that Indiana team that went undefeated back in ’76. They’re great for the way college basketball is today. In the all-time annals of college basketball, is this a great team? No. You had four-year guys back then. That Indiana team had four first-round draft picks that were seniors, so it was a different time. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a team this big, this long and this athletic, but as a team itself, yeah, they’re really good – but I don’t know if they stack up with (the 1990) UNLV team that you talked about. But they are impressive for where we are today. And the fact they have four guys 6-9 or better that are all going to be pros – I think that’s what this team really has going for it.”
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Hampton head coach

“I haven’t got the pre-game speech ready yet, but it’s going to be something similar to what I’ve told them the whole time and especially at the start of the tournament. It’s a new season. It’s a time to reinvent yourself. People can look at you a little different. This is a different stage. And if you can go win this game, it’s the biggest upset – I heard somebody say on TV last night – in sports history.”
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ANDY TOOLE – 3/19/15
North Florida head coach

“It’s Coach K. He’s the Olympic coach and maybe the greatest coach in college basketball history. But that just makes it more fun. It makes the challenge greater. It makes what we’re facing and what we’re going to walk into even more exciting. I think that’s the way we look at it as a program. I think our guys are excited about that. Now, the key will be be making sure you stay true to who you are. No one’s going to be able to beat Duke by themselves, so we just got to try and work together to figure out a way.”
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VIN PARISE – 3/20/15
FOX Sports and SNY college basketball analyst

“But I think the bigger travesty in this is that for all of the monitors, for all of the replays, for how many stoppages in play that we have in college basketball nowadays that we’re able to review in the last two minutes of a game whether a ball goes off a guy’s leg or not – how could they not go back to the monitor and be able to review that? How could that be a judgement call? And by the way, the worst angle of the three officials was the guy that made the call first.”
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