GARY PARRISH – 2/17/15 college basketball writer

“Sam Dekker is probably the best pro prospect on the roster outside of Kaminsky – and maybe even including Kaminsky. He’s a 6-9, 230-pound junior, a terrific athlete – a guy who, since he’s entered college, has grown about two inches, put on about 30 pounds. He’s just terrific. He’s unable to, I think, show everything he can actually do given the system that Wisconsin runs, but he’s still posting nice numbers consistently with this basketball team.”
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IAN EAGLE – 2/17/15
CBS Sports NBA analyst

“And I think the biggest difference now that’s happened is social media and outlets in which athletes can share their own opinions. It’s unfiltered, and it’s not something that athletes really had an opportunity to do (years ago). If athletes were upset with media coverage, they would kind of grab one reporter or one television broadcaster or radio broadcaster aside and say, ‘Look, I want to tell my real story. I’m going to tell it to you.’”
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UFC fighter

“It’s a sad day in MMA when Anderson Silva gets popped for steroids, no doubt. It’s an epidemic right now. There’s a lot of guys (who have been caught), but things are moving in the right way. They’re blood testing, they’re pre-fight testing, and things are changing. So I’m happy to be a part of that. I’m pushing hard. I like the blood tests. I’m a clean fighter. I always will be.”
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Actor and Comedian

“It was Warner Bros. who bought the contract from New Line Cinema, who made the first three Fridays. They want Chris Tucker back. He’s not coming back. There won’t be another Friday.”
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