Tar Heel Radio Network color analyst

“Coach Smith was a man who we all had the utmost respect for. (When) you arrived as a freshman, we instantly saw an incredible amount of respect that the upperclassmen gave to the head coach and to the entire coaching staff and the office staff and the respect that they had for the university. So that was the first thing you noticed. There was that bond. And I think that respect gave great credence to the things that Coach Smith said. And believe me, he was tough. He was a tough leader. He was a demanding coach, but it was a pleasure to work as hard as you could because of the atmosphere he created. He believed in us, we believe in him, and I think that was the bond. It was very much a coach-player relationship during school, but make no mistake: He was a man who cared deeply and passionately about his players – and much of that occurs even after you leave.”
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CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“He understands how to play the game the right way. Then he’s a good kid. You can tell he’s been raised the right way (and) had good coaching around him. He’s the only kid I think that’s ready to leave college and be able to (step up) in the NBA next year and be able to help a team.”
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KARL MALONE – 2/11/15
NBA Hall of Famer

“Our makeup, our genetics, that’s part of it, too. So just being healthy (is important). Everybody says, ‘Well how do you know if you got high blood pressure?’ Well, you got to talk to your doctor. I’m excited, but you have to be active. I’ve always believed this. I know everything that I’ve ever done, if I get a good workout in, things come to me a lot easier. And when you train all your life, its pretty awesome.”
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CHRIS SHERIDAN – 2/12/15 writer

“So that took a little bit of getting used to for LeBron. So there’s an adjustment phase on a whole lot of different levels. But with the way these guys have been playing over the last three weeks, I think Cleveland has hit their stride. They’re nothing like the fragile team LeBron James called them earlier this season.”
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NBA on TNT host

“I’m so glad that I answered the way I did and did not try to bluff it. ‘Oh yeah, Sticky Lou. Oh yeah, I see him every year at the Legends Brunch.’ But no, that’s awesome. I should try that on Shaq.”
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