MIKE CAREY – 1/12/15
CBS Sports rules expert

“I think the league is really good about looking at everything, but I think they’ll reconfirm their position.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“I don’t think he’ll be back. I don’t think he’s a guy who, at the end, wants to be remembered for hanging on too long, for being a game manager who stuck around another year to try to get 70,000 passing yards and break a bunch of records and put his body through all that again knowing he’s going to peak sometime in October and that the second half of the year could be really ugly. He’s going to continue to take injuries, and his mobility is only getting worse. His arm strength is only getting worse. His ability to bounce back and recover from injury is only getting worse. I don’t think that’s how he wants to be seen. I think he wants to go out as close to the top as possible.”
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JIM NANTZ – 1/15/15
CBS Sports lead announcer

“His players love him. There is something special going on in that locker room in Indianapolis. The guy’s won at least 11 games each of his first three years, and one of those years (2012) was not only his first year there, but Luck’s first year (as well). Taking a rookie quarterback and steering his team to 11 wins – and I know he went through his health issues and everything, but believe me, his presence was behind it. I have a great regard for him.”
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ROMAN HARPER – 1/16/15
Carolina Panthers safety

“They get it done. (Jermaine) Kearse pretty much beat us. They’re winning. You can’t be mad. Baldwin, we got a couple Stanford guys out there. They’re making plays, and you can’t be mad. All they’re doing is winning. They understand their role, they don’t get outside themselves and they just do exactly what they’re told. They’re in the exact area where Russell (wants them to be) and they’re completing passes and they’re making big plays.”
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