CBS college football analyst

“That’s what I think is dangerous abut the eye test and scores. There’s different styles to play this game, and a win is a win is a win.”
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MIKE TOLBERT – 12/9/14
Carolina Panthers running back

“As far as I know, he’s in stable condition. They say he’s doing good. They’re going to hold him overnight, so as long as he’s still with us and God’s got his hands on him, the football aspect can come later. He’s like a brother to us all. So we’re definitely praying for him and wishing him a speedy recovery.”
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DAN O’DOWD – 12/9/14
Former Rockies GM

“I think the Cubs (were) all in on this one. And when a club is all in, they usually get that player.”
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AMANI TOOMER – 12/10/14
Former Giants WR

“I don’t think they’re that far away (from contending). I mean, you have 22 people on the injured reserve list. It’s pretty hard to field a team. There’s 53 on a roster. Usually, the people that are playing right now are (players who would normally be) in the league. They don’t have a roster of 70-some odd players. Those guys are in the bar talking about how the coach messed them over, and now they’re out there playing. That’s why you see this inconsistent play.”
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PRESTON BROWN – 12/11/14
Buffalo Bills linebacker

“When you look at the standings, we’re right there in it. If we can get this game, we’ll really be right back in the thick of things. We’re all right now just focused on a one-game season, but we know if we were to make a run, we’d hopefully be in the chase.”
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Incarnate Word head coach

“It makes it nice to recruit because those are all female-type majors. Believe me, we sell that. We have one rule: You have to date a good-looking girl, and she’s got to pay for the date.”
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ANDREW BRANDT – 12/12/14
MMQB writer

“Through all this discussion of union, and overreaching, and judge, jury and executioner, and the Ray Rice rebuke and the Bounty case rebuke, we really are at the same place. And that place is ‘Roger Goodell, The Conduct Commissioner.’ And when we look back in 30 years on commissioner Goodell, I think that’s the first thing that’s going to come to mind – and maybe the last thing. He has made it a priority from day one to be the arbiter of player conduct. He thinks players should hold themselves to a high standard. It’s a personal issue, and frankly, it’s a power issue – and (that) power has been wielded first on Gene Upshaw and now on DeMaurice Smith.”
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Arizona Cardinals kicker

“But it was really tough to see Drew go down like that. (He’s) such an emotional leader. But he’ll be back, I’m sure. He’s a fighter. I can’t wait to see him back on the field.”
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