NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith was highly critical of Roger Goodell this week, saying that the commissioner – who suspended Adrian Peterson without pay for the rest of the season – is making his discipline policies up as he goes along. Whether that’s true or untrue, NFL writer Pete Prisco has a simple message for Smith: Stop complaining.

“Well, first off, I want to say this: DeMaurice Smith has been moaning and groaning about Roger Goodell having all the power and making all these decisions,” Prisco said on The MoJo Show. “But one thing DeMaurice Smith has to realize is the power was given to Roger Goodell because it was collectively bargained. And when you collectively bargain it, you’re the guy who did the bargaining, so you gave it to him – and now you’re complaining about it? So that’s first and foremost.”

“But as far as Adrian Peterson (goes), look, it’s going to play out,” Prisco continued. “Roger took a ton of heat because of the situation with Ray Rice – and rightfully so. He deserved to take the heat. And now he came down hard on Adrian Peterson to try to make it look good in the court of public opinion first and foremost. But Adrian Peterson didn’t exactly help himself by being a little bit defiant in the fact that everything he did, he didn’t help the investigation. He didn’t feel apologetic. I think that all contributed to it as well.”

It’s really difficult to argue with anything Prisco just said, so we won’t. Instead, let’s explore something a little less cut and dry. Which NFC quarterback would Prisco most want: Russell Wilson, Jay Cutler or Robert Griffin III?

“I’d probably take Cutler, but most people would probably take Russell Wilson,” Prisco said. “I just prefer my quarterback to be able to stand in the pocket and make throws. One thing you watch with Russell Wilson – I mean, yeah, he’s done some good things, but I don’t want my quarterback running for 100 yards. I don’t want my quarterback running for 80 yards. I want my quarterback in the pocket, spinning his head and making his reads and making all the throws. Because eventually – and RG3 has found that out quickly – that ability to run and make plays goes away. So yeah, you can move in the pocket. Move with your head up and make throws. I don’t think Russell Wilson does a good enough job of that.”

“And Cutler presses too much,” Prisco continued. “When you take the field and you know your defense is giving up 35 every game, it’s going to be hard to play quarterback. I don’t care who you are. That’s the difference between a guy like Russell Wilson and a guy like Jay Cutler. Russell Wilson takes the field knowing his defense is gong to be pretty good – even though they haven’t been as good this year – and Jay Cutler presses too much. So to answer your question, I would take Cutler. Most people would take Wilson.”


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