CBS Sports college football analyst

“But are you going to deny the other 90 players on their team an opportunity to play for a championship when they went undefeated? It’s all meaningless.”
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OLIVER LUCK – 10/29/14
West Virginia athletic director

“Playing those kinds of games allows a team like ours to realize, ‘Whoa, we can play with some of the best teams in the country.’ So I think one of the good things that’s happening (is it’s) really good to see an emphasis across the board on strength of schedule and see these really good out-of-conference match-ups in September. I’m excited about that as a college football fan.”
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DR. WALTER LOWE – 10/29/14
Texans and Rockets team doctor

“I think it’s our job to stop them when it’s dangerous, and I think it’s our job to allow them to (return) when we’re comfortable that they’re not putting themselves at additional risk. Most guys want to go back and most guys will give it the old college try to talk you into going back into the game, and I think you got to make the decision: Is this dangerous to him or not? And then if they want to, we’ll allow them to – as long as we’re comfortable with it.”
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Former Raiders cornerback

“The main thing is, you just got to question the direction that the team is going. Al passed – God rest his soul – in October 2011. And after that season, all of a sudden new management came in, a new regime, and they wanted to go in a different direction. Everybody wanted to to try to throw Al Davis and his philosophy under the bus and make it seem like that was the problem.”
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LAILA ALI – 10/30/14
Former boxer and current We Need to Talk panelist

“What’s most important is that we’ve got so many accomplished people – whether they’re men or women – in the world of sports. I know it’s a women’s show, but we’ve got top-of-the-line everybody – all the way down to the producers and the directors. So I feel really at home there.”
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