Cleveland Browns safety

“Not comparing it to past years, but when you got an offense that can keep you off the field and (convert third downs), you love those. Anytime you get an offense that can give you 17 or 20 points, the rest of the game should be in the defense’s hands. Brian Hoyer has been operating at a high level. I can’t say enough great things about him.”
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Former NFL defensive end and current NBC and NFL Network analyst

“I don’t know that we can just write off that the Denver Broncos are going to just run away with the AFC West. The San Diego Chargers are going to put up a legitimate fight.”
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AMY TRASK – 9/15/14
Former Raiders executive and current That Other Pregame Show host

“Due process is a constitutional and governmental standard. These are private businesses. (They) can sit a player, deactivate a player, pay that player but not suit him up. And yet, we see such disparity between and among the way teams are treating this situation. It really is situational ethics.”
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Boston College head coach

“And then on offense, (we tried) to get them running a bit with some option on the perimeter and then a couple of different traps and whams inside and just kind of get them going and get them on the run in the fourth quarter. They’re super talented, but they also have scholarship reduction. So we were able to get them in the fourth quarter and beat them.”
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CHUCK WILSON – 9/18/14
EvenField.org founder

“Now, that doesn’t take the NFL off the hook, because what we want is we want sports to lead. And here’s an opportunity to have really been able to lead, and it was just a missed opportunity. If Roger Goodell could do it all over again, he certainly would do it a lot different.”
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