Ray Rice is hoping for another shot in the NFL, and so too is Brady Quinn. The former Notre Dame standout and Heisman finalist has bounced around the league in recent years, spending time with the Browns, Broncos, Chiefs, Seahawks, Jets, Rams and Dolphins.

Does Quinn, 29, still want to play in the NFL?

“Yeah, I definitely still want to and I desire to and I think I can as well,” Quinn said on The MoJo Show. “I had a little short stint there with the Dolphins, which was tough for me because I feel like I was really told something different than what in reality it ended up being. They kind of got me in there with the intent or the opportunity to compete for the backup job, but I had four pass attempts (in two games and) basically ran the scout team the whole two weeks I was there. It was tough circumstances.”

Quinn signed with the Dolphins on Aug. 11 and was released Aug. 26.

As one might imagine, the NFL is far more cutthroat than college football.

“It’s a different environment, but I think it’s just such a business,” Quinn said. “When you get into college, you realize you’ve got four – possibly five – years to be there. Most players anticipate being there with the same coach. That sometimes doesn’t happen. It didn’t happen in my case, which made it feel more like an NFL experience – because after those first two years, you kind of had to prove yourself again.”

“When you have a coaching change in college, the majority of those kids are going to have to be on the team,” Quinn continued. “They can’t really take away the scholarship. In the NFL, when you have a new coach come in, he could say, ‘Hey, you’re not my guy. You don’t fit my system.’ Or, ‘You’re not the guy I drafted.”

Quinn encountered that when Eric Mangini replaced Romeo Crennel as head coach of the Cleveland Browns in 2009. Quinn said the transition was a “little bit of a whirlwind for Cleveland,” one from which the franchise still hasn’t recovered.

“It’s the business of the NFL that makes it so complicated, and we’re seeing that now,” Quinn said. “(But) no matter how you go about it, it’s still the best game in the world. There’s nothing better than playing football.”

And Ray Rice hopes to play it – sooner rather than later. Yet, Quinn, who writes for footballbyfootball.com, believes Rice should not be afforded that opportunity.

“I’m married,” Quinn said. “I’ve got a wife, I grew up with two sisters, and I have a very loving mom. I could never imagine putting a hand on any one of those women – let alone any other woman in this world. They’re just the most amazing people on this planet. I couldn’t imagine a guy who was so much stronger, so much more powerful, inflicting any sort of pain on a woman in any way.”

Quinn believes that domestic abuse should result in a lifetime ban from the NFL.

“Now, people always say, ‘Well, doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?’” Quinn acknowledged. “And my argument to them would be, yeah, they deserve a second chance. If in this case their significant other wants to support them, defend them, still stay with them – that’s their choice. If they don’t want to press charges, then that’s their choice. But that doesn’t mean they should get a second chance in the NFL. If the NFL is serous about their stance on domestic violence, they’ll make it a lifetime ban.”


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