Australian comedian Jim Jefferies is a big sports fan. In fact, he’s a pretty big Los Angeles Dodgers fan, but he could do without American football.

“I grew up watching cricket,” Jefferies explained on The MoJo Show. “But I went to a few Dodgers games when I first got here. When I moved to England, I got into the Premier League, and then when I got here – you got to watch sports. But I can’t get into American football. It just doesn’t do it for me.”

Why not?

“It’s the helmets,” Jefferies said. “It’s so girly. They’re wearing the tights and then they have a little break and then you have guys that are so fat they don’t look like athletes. I just can’t get into it.”

But you like the soccer players wearing short shorts in the Premier League?

“It’s athletic and they’re lean,” Jefferies said. “They’re like greyhounds. It’s wonderful.”

American football has some greyhounds, too!

“Oh, no you don’t. They’re just full of meat,” Jefferies said. “I can’t get on board. I know you’re saying that you got to wear the pads because they hit so hard, and the pads actually make it more dangerous. If it makes it more dangerous to wear the pads, stop wearing the pads. You look like idiots.”

In any event, Jefferies, 37, has a new special on Netflix called BARE. He would love for you to watch it.

“I’m very happy with the whole Netflix thing,” he said. “It’s good to be able to promote a special and (not have to go), ‘You have to watch it at 9 o’clock on Saturday.’ You can just watch it now if you’re listening.”

Jefferies explores numerous topics in the special, including the ups and downs of becoming a new father.

“There’s a 15-minute routine on gun control, which seems to be pissing a lot of people off,” Jefferies said. “Not very much religion this year. And then a few things about auditioning disabled actors to be on my TV show. Pretty generic stuff that everyone talks about.”

Wait, disabled actors? What?

“I had a show that was all based around a character with muscular dystrophy,” Jefferies said. “Then he had to live in a home, and then when he lives in a home, you have to populate that world. So we had a lot of disabled actors for a comedy. I don’t think more have ever been employed. People think I sound mean for talking about this, but I was the biggest advocate for disabled actors in Hollywood, I think.”

Jefferies also has a few jokes about women, marriage and relationships.

“I’m not married,” he said. “(I have a) girlfriend. Well, we have a kid together. She wants to get married, and a lot of people are like, ‘Well, you should get married. You have a kid.’ But (a kid is) an 18-year commitment. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. I’m all for marriage when the life expectancy of a human was like 28 – in the Dark Ages. I would’ve been all for that. Or when 50 percent of women died during childbirth. I would’ve gotten married then. I would’ve rolled the dice on that. But my girlfriend’s eating kale and exercising every day. She’ll outlive me by a mile.”


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