BRAD GILLIE – 8/11/14
Sirius XM NASCAR host

“I don’t know that I’m in a rush to hear from Tony unless there was actually really important information that we as the public felt we needed to know, and I don’t know that we necessarily need to know anything from him right now. The fact that he’s cooperating with law enforcement and with authorities, I think, is (important). They’re hearing what they need to hear from him. It would be nice to hear his version of everything, but I don’t feel like I need to hear that today.”
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SHANE BACON – 8/11/14
Yahoo! Sports golf writer

“Much like LeBron, much like Tiger, he’s lived up to those expectations. And to me, that’s incredibly impressive, especially in golf because it’s just so hard to be good at this game and to dominate at this type of level.”
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Former NFL quarterback

“(Griffin) struggled last year coming off that knee injury, but (he was) Rookie of the Year and (made the Pro Bowl). I think a lot of that had to do with Kyle’s creativity. NFL guys are mostly under center. They went to the pistol and sort of changed the way a lot of NFL offenses are doing things right now, and I think that he’ll use some of those same things with Johnny Manziel. But Johnny Manziel’s skill set is a little different. He runs different. He’s not a long strider. He’s quicker. I actually like the way he scrambled. He’s so quick, he knows when to get down. RG3 has those long strides. He’s extremely fast from a sprinter’s standpoint, but in those small little tight areas, he got hurt pretty easily. I think it’s because of the long stride versus the quickness of Johnny Manziel.”
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“For me, what stands out really was just him. What makes you remember Robin Williams is Robin Williams. (He was) just one-of-a-kind. He could just stand up and take a room or a moment if he wanted to – and it was the way he did it and how he did it, the way he could make you laugh and scream and cry with laughter. His ability to communicate was special.”
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