REX HUDLER – 8/5/14
Former MLB player and current Royals broadcaster

“It just wasn’t a thing that anybody talked about because back then there was no testing for anything. I took a handful of vitamins each day when I trained, and I’m sure some of those things are on the banned list, but they’re taking care of it now. That’s the main thing.”

Washington Mystics WNBA coach

“She’s been able to be a pick-and-roll player like him, is a better shooter than Parker was in his younger (days) and certainly a better three-point shooter. She’ll be a great addition to help players become better shooters.”

NOTAH BEGAY – 8/6/14
Golf Channel analyst

“I’ve been friends now with Tiger for close to 30 years and have seen him play in just about every type of event possible. I’ve even partnered with him in the Presidents Cup and on the Walker Cup. This (practice round) was one of the most interesting phenomenons that I’ve ever seen that related to Tiger Woods. The atmosphere was amazing. It was like a Sunday round in a lot of PGA Tour events – (only it was) on the first tee on Wednesday afternoon of a practice round. To say the least, I think everybody here in Louisville and in the media is ecstatic and overjoyed that he’s playing.”


CHRIS SIMMS – 8/7/14
Former NFL QB and Bleacher Report analyst

“I do think Johnny is starting to take over down there. I’ve been saying it all along: He’s going to start. You’re crazy if you don’t think he’s going to start Week 1. The owner drafted him. And you’re talking about a guy – okay, yeah, he’s a rookie. He’s inexperienced. So is Brian Hoyer. Brian Hoyer, I know, has been around the league for a few years, but he’s only played four games. To me, when it comes down to that, then you might as well play Manziel. And you add the fact that Gordon won’t be there, you’re going to have to utilize some of Manziel’s athletic ability to incorporate that into the offense to give them a little more substance within their offense.”

TIM GROVER – 8/7/14
Renowned trainer

“But one of the key components that people miss out on is they don’t strengthen the muscles that don’t show through their jerseys. You need to work your ankles. You need to work your wrists. Everyone looks at glutes. You need to work what’s underneath the glutes. All the muscles that don’t show are the ones that are actually going to keep you injury-free and keep you playing at a much longer and higher level.”

DENNIS DODD – 8/8/14 college football writer

“From this day forward, players can be paid. The NCAA will appeal, they may go to the Supreme Court, they may rule against it in three years – but a seal has been broken. There’s going to be pay in the future, and there’s not a damn thing the NCAA can do about it. The collegiate model is dead.”



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