Former NFL referee and NFL Supervisor of Officials Jim Daopoulos spoke with Chris Moore and Brian Jones regarding the new rule passed, which gives referees additional assistance on tough calls.

The rule that was passed on Monday, allows officials to consult vice president of officiating Dean Bladino in New York on whether or not to overturn a call on the field, something Daopoulos is not in favor of.

“The one that really gets me is the replay situation,” said Daopoulos. “I think they’re really putting the Vice President of Officiating, Dean Blandino, in a very difficult position by sending all the replays to New York and giving him the opportunity to make a decision on what is the correct call. I still think that that needs to be done by the officials on the field, by the referees on the field. If the referee on the field is not capable of doing that, then get somebody in there that can make that call correctly.”

Daopoulos does not believe the officials on the field should have to go to the offices in New York, as an NFL referee, already equipped with on-field instant replay, should be able to make the correct call.

“My opinion is that the individuals on the field, with the shots that they get, I know they’re talking about putting additional cameras on the goal lines, getting better angles, so they can give the referees the best angles,” Daopoulos said. “It is still my opinion that that referee on the field should be able to make that decision.

“If he’s not able to make that decision, then you need to get another individual out on that field to do that job rather than sending it to New York and waiting for someone up there to watch the film and make a decision up there.”

Included in the rule changes is a ban on celebratory dunking in the end zone, another move Daopoulos also does not understand the rationale for.

“If indeed it is a safety factor then I can agree with it,” he said. “I’ve never seen a goal post come down without individuals hanging on it and actually pulling it down, we’ve seen individuals tear down goal posts at the end of games.”


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